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Welcome to Arthur Murray

Franchised Dance Studios / Amman - Jordan

As a franchise of Arthur Murray International, our mission is to provide students at our institute with state of the art dancing education and techniques in order to enable them to become social or professional dancers.

Our professional staff of instructors will provide students with all that they need while being taught to dance. In addition to that, we provide them with the right conditions for learning in our professional studios.

Beginners at Dance

Beginners at dance are taught the basic skills to move to music.

They learn how to transfer weight from heel to toe, how to do a box step and how to maintain posture... in a fun enjoyable way. Each ballroom style is about grace, beauty, elegance and romance.

Certificates and Medals

Students receive an official certificate and medal for each level achieved, Bronze, Sliver, Gold and Gold Bar.


We can feel you near us no matter where you are.

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